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Panic situation at LAX Airport Lock down after reports of Firing

Mass evacuation is under process after reports of the potential shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. The LAX airport was under alert, and all the passengers evacuated immediately. However, it was said to be unconfirmed reports by LAPD.

Police received many calls from numerous passengers reporting suspect with firearms and opening fire. Massive search operations are taken up by the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). However, no firing and injuries have been confirmed by the police department.

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The passengers on social media reported the suspect with firearms. Huge noises reported from terminal 7 and 8. However, LAPD confirmed the no firing took place at the airport. LA airport PD tweeted that they are searching the airport for the suspect and asked the people to stay calm.

Three suspects have been arrested post the chaos but were not confirmed to be shooters. Public are in panic situation after loud noises were heard from the terminals.

People at airport claim that a man opened fire at the baggage chain terminal. Women reported that she saw a man shooting, and police arrested a person dressed in Zorro outfit.

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