Lal Bagh Garden Mini-Niagara Waterfalls

Bangalore: Now the Bangalore people don’t have to go Ontario to watch Niagara falls because a Mini Niagara Falls is being constructed in Lal Bagh Garden soon.  To attract more visitors, the garden management decided to recreate a smaller version the biggest waterfall in the world. The waterfall blueprint will get completed in a week. There are already two lakes in the garden, and the same water will get used for this waterfall.

Speaking of which, Dr.M.Jagadish, Joint director of the garden said that small lake has a quarry around it and they thought that it would be ideal to build a waterfall so that the water from the big lake will be pumped into the waterfall with the help of a 250HP motor and same waters flow into the smaller lake. So because of the continuous flow, there won’t be any scarcity or wastage of water. Almost Rs.3.50 crores got invested in creating this 120 feet width and 25 feet high mini-waterfall.

Currently, the water purification works are going on, and the waterfall is soon to become a center of attraction in the garden with lights at night. However, the good news is Indians don’t need a passport to watch this mini-Niagara Falls.

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