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Kolkata topped the list of The Blue Whale game in searches according to Google trends. ‘Blue Whale’ a dangerous online game which has already taken 130 lives of youngsters entered India in recent times. A 14-year-old student from Andheri Mumbai was reported to commit suicide for completing the task in the game.

After banning the game in certain countries including India, Google trends ranked the cities in descending order depending on the number of searches for past 12 months. According to the Google Trends data Kolkata, capital of West Bengal stood in the first place.

A New Game Called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’: All you need to Know

The menacing game originated in Russia took 130 lives of youth, after which the inventor of game Philipp Budeikin was kept behind bars. It is a 50 days challenge in which the user will be given a task to complete, and the last task would be to commit suicide.

Blue Whale was accused of misguiding the youth and encouraging them to kill themselves. After the ban of the deadly game, the searches for the game increased rapidly. In the list of top 30 cities across the world, it is surprising that Kolkata stood first and 4 of the Indian cities like Chennai. Bangalore and Guwahati are top 5 list, while India took 3rd place in the record.

Looking at the list that was made on the related search combinations like ‘blue whale challenge game’, ‘the Whale game’, ‘blue whale game download’, ‘blue whale suicide challenge’, etc. considering the searches over the past 12 months, among the 30 world cities, Kolkata which took first place followed by San Antonio (US), Nairobi (Kenya), Guwahati (Assam), Chennai (TN), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Mumbai (Maharashtra), New Delhi, Howrah (Bengal) and Paris (France).

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