Want to Know your nearest ATMs with Cash, Try these apps and Track

The ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 throws people across the country in deep trouble. Demonetization of big notes in India brings people face a lot of troubles in depositing and exchanging money in the banks and as  well Withdrawl of money from ATMs throw common man to face deep problem. Few ATMS are not working in many areas, and few of they had closed due to without money.

To overcome those issues, luckily few apps have been introduced to know or track the nearest ATMS with cash. A big relief for Indian’s those who are facing struggles to Withdrawl liquid cash from ATMs.

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Coming to the details, Pune-based money supervision and payment gateway Walnut has launched a new mobile app that will allow users to find nearest and working ATMs with cash.

How Walnut App Works?

This app allows you to open Google Maps which shows all the ATM’s in your locality with or without cash. The new app shows the operation records on the smartphones to trace out which ATM is functional and has a fistful of money. Once the user has withdrawn money from ATM, the app will ask them to fill the details about the queue at ATMs and how much time you may have to access money. As per filled reports, the app will give you information about working ATMs near you with color codes. The red color indicated that the ATMs have a long ques while orange pin for short queues and non-functional ATMs with a grey pin.

The users can also have the facility to share the details with friends, neighbors and family trough social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.


CashnoCash is also used to track nearest ATMS around you. Bangalore techies Manjunath Talwar and Abhijeet Khasinis had come up with a new website titled as CashnoCash. This portal also provided the latest information about working ATMS, ATMS with cash near you. It isn’t limited to ATMs or any particular services, but also contains information about banks and post offices across India. CashnoCash is currently working as crowd source that is being supported by Quikr and Nasscom.

CMS ATM Finder

CMS ATM Finder also allows users to find out ATM with cash and without money. Limited to its own network, CMS leads in driving the cash cycle in India, from banks currency chests to ATMs, to retail stores to wallets. First, you have to go to home page and submit your state name and city. Later it will show your location and ATMs in your locality through maps.

However, these are the few apps currently rolling out now and let’s wait and see how many apps will come in future to reduce cash Withdrawl problems.

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