At Oracle Arena, Kevin Durant, a big star of Golden State Warriors, became NBA’s second youngest player of the 20,000 point club. On Wednesday night, he hit this figure by giving an outstanding performance against opponent Montrel Harrel, Los Angeles Clipper. To hit this top mark, in the league history, he becomes the 48th player, with a long 2-point jump in the second quarter.

Before halftime, Durant didn’t waste a single minute to reach the benchmark he had set before. He required just 25 points to beat up and finally with continuous efforts reached this landmark. The whole crowd present over there hooted excessively for his sensational scores. Well, he has beaten the set milestone. Now it would be interesting to see how long he will go and how high he will score. If he goes pretty well and stays on with the same strength, speed and stamina, then no one can stop him from entering 30,000 point club and becoming its ninth member. Ninth because LeBron James can become the eighth one as he is far by 126 points only. If his speed is taken into consideration, then 4.42 more seasons will be taken by Durant to reach this high mark.

In the recent years, Durant’s health has not favored him in getting success. In 2014-15, because of his injuries, he lost many games. However, if he gives a ravishing performance in the game and plays back the role of Ironman, then he may even successfully beat the top scorer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Well, that would be possible only if James has ñot reached the milestone set by Jabbar i.e.38387 points.

While having a discussion with ‘The Athletic’, Durant showcased his excitement for having his name in the 30,000 point club in future. He also said about the hard work to reach that point. However, he is happy with his continued efforts and regular progress. Also, he has confidence in him to achieve that benchmark very soon. Well, everyone positively believes that he will soon prove again that his passion is above all and he can beat anyone.


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