Kapustkiy a 17 Year Old Hacker Thanked by Indian Consulate General for Hacking into Websites

The officials of Indian Consulate General in New York on Wednesday thanked 17-year-old boy Kapustkiy for hacking into websites of Indian embassy and for helping them to find out web errors. An Indian External Affairs Ministry personally thanked the hacker who point out errors in Indian Diplomatic missions and allowed trespassers to gain access to nonpublic information.

Sanjay Kumar Verma, Joint Secretary, E-Governance and Information Technology wrote to the hacker Kapustkiy for hacking. He said, “Thank you for your advice. We are fixing codes slowly, and the problems were almost fixed. You help in penetrating websites of various Indian Embassies is a great help.”

Indian Embassy Websites Hacked, Leaking Valuable Data

Mr. Kapustkiy, the hacker posted a message to Verma mentioning that he has hacked websites of Indian Embassies in eight countries. Meanwhile, the official of Indian Consulate in New York said that their website was being secured.

L.T. Ngaihte, head of the chancery in a statement stated that “The Indian Consulate has taken immediate actions to ensure the site data. In addition to the New York, Kapustkiy had hacked websites of Indian Embassy in countries like South Africa, Libya, Malawi, Italy, Switzerland, and Romania and put the information of date on website pastebin.com.


Kapustkiy on Twitter said, “He is a student from Tokyo, and it took nearly 3 seconds to get access to their sites. Let’s know how weak their security was. My intention in hacking is for a good cause, and I didn’t consider myself as a hacker. My intention in hacking is not for any damage, but it is for administrators to pay attention to sites. There is a reason behind the posting of information on pastebin.com. I didn’t get any response from administrators when he pointed out errors, and for this reason, only I put useful data in pastebin.com.”

Mr. Verma wrote to Kapustkiy that “We appreciate your help, but please don’t post the details on pastebin.com.” However, the personal information of New York Consulate General that was posted on pastebin.com has been removed, but some non-personal information still is on site.

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