Time and again, the fiery actress Kangana Ranaut has shocked the Bollywood fraternity with her fearlessness. She has never been embarrassed to talk about her experiences and she has been very vocal about her opinions even if it hurt somebody. While talking to Mid-day reporters she revealed that her initial years at Bollywood were not that comfortable for her. When she told her parents about her desire to be a successful actress in Bollywood one day, her parents were scared to let her go, citing various reasons. Soon she understood why her parents were looking out for her when she opted to work with Pahlaj Nihalani.

A few years back, Pahlaj had offered her a role in the film named “I Love You Boss”. While she was excited to be a part of the film, her excitement soon turned into horror when she was asked to pose in a satin robe for a photo shoot. While posing in a robe seems normal this day, but she was asked to pose in just a robe, without wearing any undergarments beneath. This steamy photoshoot was done in order to lure the Kangana’s boss in the film. Her character came out a soft porn type of character who was obsessed with her boss.

To avoid any issues on the set, she agreed to do the photoshoot but soon after she changed her contact details to avoid any such encounters with the makers of the film. She didn’t think this as a setback for her Bollywood career, and she chose to audition for movies like Gangster and Pokiri. Luckily she got through both the movies but chose to work with Anurag Basu and played a pivotal role in ‘Gangster’.

Since then nothing held her back and she earned a special position in the Bollywood fraternity for her great acting skills honed over the years.


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