Since the year 2003, Rowan Atkinson spoofed the James Bond franchise. Although it’s not admiring to the level set by Austin Powers, this franchise has managed to make its position higher among the masses. Fans are getting excited about the update of Johnny English coming again to entertain the public. A recently launched teaser has given the first look and soon the full trailer will also be out to confirm his presence.

This flick has been titled as ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’. However, there is no confirmation about the exact date of its release in theatres. This teaser set all pieces from the past of Rowan Atkinson and fans will see earlier two installments’ recap. From the new movie, there are some bits of footage at the end, which clearly indicate about movies of Johnny English.

‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ will be the third installment from the comedy series. In this, fans will see Rowan Atkinson as a secret agent and his role is extremely fascinating. The adventure begins in the movie with the revelation of a cyber attack on undercover agents in Britain and leaves the last hope to Johnny English’s secret service. He puts all his efforts into this mission to discover the mastermind hacker. But, the character he is playing in the movie doesn’t have complete knowledge of analog method and have few skills to succeed in the mission by transcending modern technology challenges.

The plot sounds quite equal to ‘Skyfall’. And, the most interesting part is that the story writers of both the movies are Robert Wade and Neal Purvis. In the earlier six Bond movies, both of them have worked upon and also were a part of the Johnny English franchise.

David Kerr is making his directorial debut with Johnny English 3. The first movie was directed by Peter Howitt, and after that ‘Johnny English Reborn’, the sequel in 2011 was helmed by Oliver Parker.

Well, until the trailer gets released, you can enjoy the teaser of this spy movie of your favorite Mr. Bean. The trailer will be out soon.


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