Hack-Proof McAfee Privacy Phone

John McAfee has unveiled a truly private Android smartphone called McAfee Privacy Phone. He claims that the device would be the “most hack-proof phone” ever created. The colorful software guru has revealed in his recent interview that the secured Android smartphone would be priced at $1,100. The device will be built in collaboration with a cyber security firm called MGT.

The device features physical switches and allows owners to disconnect the battery physically, antennas for Wi-Fi, geolocation, and Bluetooth. These physical switches would also let users disconnect the microphone and the camera. Essentially, this ensures your device not getting tracked in any possible way. The device can identify and refuse to connect with any other IMSI-catcher device. Also, it features a web search anonymizer.

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However, software is a key factor for smartphone security. The physical hardware switches disconnecting components physically sounds like a cool idea.

Summing all, McAfee smartphone does run on Android which means it is going to be as vulnerable as any other device in the market today. It would be more interesting to see how this McAfee smartphone turns out. Many others have attempted to build a secure smartphone in the past. However, none have succeeded in their attempts.

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