IT@School Launches e-waste Disposal Drive

[email protected] authorities soon to be removed and replaced old computers, mostly defunct, dumped in the IT labs of many of the government schools in Kerala. The project will help 10,000 odd schools and educational offices in the state by scientifically recycling the e-waste, accumulated from the year 2000 onwards. [email protected] project has been finalized by the Clean Kerala Company of the state government.

The scheme will make scientific mechanisms to recycle and refurbish the e-waste as per the norms set by the Union government. [email protected] plans to recycle over 1 crore kilogram of e-waste from over 10,000 schools and offices through this program. On the first phase, Electronics equipment received by the schools before March 2008 and other equipment like CRT monitors, mouse, keyboard, 600 VA UPS received until March 2010 will be disposed.

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An expert committee, set up by [email protected], will identify the equipment and conduct a detailed verification after which the equipment would be declared as e-waste. The list includes laptops, desktop cabinets, computers, monitors, drives, projectors, UPS, printers, camera, speaker system, network components, television, generators, etc.

[email protected] has devised an online system to capture the quantity of e-waste in each school and to collect them as batches, and this exercise would be completed by July 15. Students under Hardware group of ‘Hi-School Kuttikkoottam,’ another program of [email protected] by networking more than 1 lakh students, would also be a part of such school level committee”, said K Anvar Sadath, executive director of [email protected] project.

Clean Kerala Company has assigned to collect the e-waste from the schools in batches of 500 Kg. The collected e-Waste will be scientifically processed at the company’s Hyderabad facility.

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