ISRO: SAARC satellite to be launched in March 2017

ISRO announced that SAARC satellite is going to launch in next year. It is South Asian satellite which is proposed by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the benefit of SAARC members.

The satellite will launch in the month of March. ISRO chairman A.S.kiran Kumar said “In 2014 November SAARC summit happened in Nepal and Modi announced SAARC satellite is a gift for the benefit of members and regional grouping in various fields including telecommunication and telemedicine. Pakistan has now opted out of the project, and now it is called as South Asian satellites.

ISRO Successful Launch of PSLV SCATSAT-1 Lauded By PM Modi as ‘Innovative Zeal’

India has deliberation with experts from other SAARC countries to finalize modalities for the satellite exclusively for the regional grouping. GSLV Mark III is going to launch in December; all preparations will go to complete.

The crucial point for the satellite launch is rocket program, as it would help the country to launch satellites weighing about four tons. ISRO chief said we need more human resources and infrastructure facilities. On the third party, it was necessary to make sure that existing facility is fully utilized.

He also mentioned about sports meet. They have taken 1000 sportsmen from 14 ISRO centers, to keep their persons physically and mentally healthy. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Director Dr. K Sivan has also presented at this meeting.


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