suicide prevention tools by search engines

Internet search engines which are very helpful in solving many problems, would soon help in saving lives. This may prevent many people from committing suicide. According the recent reports scientists are working on the effective process of identifying users who are at risk of suicide.

They are also developing some methods for providing those people with information on where to find help. Search engine giant Google had made an initiation by responding to the search queries containing terms which may contain words that contemplate suicides. Google is offering them general counselling and prevention services.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also playing a major role in lessening the suicides and due to their efforts Search engines like Google are coming to the rescue of suicidal persons.

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In general most people commit suicides due to excessive pressure and stress situations in their day to day life. They will be in dilemma about finding help and solutions to their problems. Ultimately they will end their life unable to solve their problems.

A recent study stated that many people who are willing to commit suicides backed away from their thought when they reminded of the helping resources. Internet can help those people from ending their lives by providing help and info on getting assistance.

“The Internet is playing an increasingly significant role in suicide prevention,” said Florian Arendt from Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) in Germany.

Recently Researchers carried out a study on the search engine algorithms to make sure that they more effectively target remedial information to those at risk.

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They also conducted Epidemiological studies on which days of the week the suicides are high and what are the common words people who are committing suicides use.

Taking the word ‘poisoning’ as a representative “suicide-related” search term, researchers analysed temporal patterns of its use in queries submitted to Google.

The results have shown that the usage of the suicide related terms peaked exactly on days on which the actual incidence of suicide was more.

Another shocking result is that the suicidal behaviour is strongly influenced by environmental factors.”This suggests that, on these peak days at least, the thresholds for the dispatch of information related to suicide prevention should be reset,” said Scherr.

It is very appreciable that search engines also looking forward to help people who are depressed and dejected. If everything was fine then we may find Search engine queries not only to tell about the user’s interests but also provide information relating to their mood and state of health.


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