unesco International Literacy Prizes

Competitions that took place in the field of Global literacy, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco) announced its winners.  2017 International Literacy Prizes were conducted to identify the excellence and revolution in the field of literacy.

2017 UNESCO International Literacy Prizes will be awarded to laureates from Canada, Colombia, Jordan, Pakistan and South Africa on the eve of International Literacy Day, celebrated on 8 September. The organization has focused on literacy in the digital world. The five winners are going to receive a medal, a certificate and $20,000 each.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said, “Digital technologies permeate all spheres of our lives, fundamentally shaping how we live, work, learn and socialize.” She reminds the supremacy of rethinking and improving skills that required to take part in the digital world. “These new technologies are opening vast new opportunities to improve our lives and connect globally—but they can also marginalize those who lack the essential skills, like literacy, needed to navigate them,” she added in her message.

The prizes are categorized into two types, they are Unesco Confucius Prize for Literacy sponsored by China, and the King Sejong Literacy Prize promoted by South Korea.

Confucius Prize is awarded to those projects that help rural populations and out of school environment for youth especially young girls and women. Now the award winners are AdulTICoProgram from Columbia, The Citizens Foundation from Pakistan, and the FunDza project from South Africa.

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Talking about King Sejong prize, it is allocated to mother tongue literacy education which mainly concentrates on regional language works. The Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance from Canada and The We Love Reading program from Jordan grabbed the award.

According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics, there are 750 million illiterate people across the world, among them 63 percent are women, still, lack basic reading and writing skills. This population includes 102 million young people (aged 15-24), of whom 57 percent are female.

International Literacy Prizes 2017 List

1.       Centre for the Study of Learning & Performance (CSLP)- Canada
2.       We Love Reading- Jordan
3.       AdulTICoProgram- Colombia
4.       The Citizens Foundation-Pakistan
5.        FunDza -South Africa

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