Optane 800P

Users, with earlier available storage caching solutions before hitting 900P, ended up on the concurrent slow processing of all caching solutions. Handling big data had made users suffer in the past.

Packed with Intel’s latest i7 processor, Nvidia 1080 Graphics Card and enhanced RAM, Intel’s 800P is known to be one of the fastest storage services you can get today. It just outlaws any competitive storage device available in the enterprise market so far.

However, being three and a half times costlier than average SSD, it is unlikely to take off anywhere in the near future. Intel 800P is likely to see fortune ten years from now considering its giant technical leap and bleeding computing cost.

Besides facing high-cost issues with Intel’s 900P, gamers can now be equipped with the smarter and better ‘Optane 800P’. Though it looks a lot similar to Optane memory, it falls on the side of 900p in terms of its possible functions.

Being costlier than 900P, it is unlikely to give a sense of peace in terms of the cost. Considering the price, the 118GB offer of 800P seems less viable when compared to the 280GB offered in 900P. Meanwhile, Intel seems to offer 58GB and 118GB i.e. dual specifications with the M.2 format for 800P products.                                            

It may surprise you that while installing Windows 10 and few primary apps, you might have to constantly check out the available space with the 58GB in the first configuration of 800P.

The high-end configuration of 800P also manages to offer limited 118GB of memory space. It is, however, certain to encounter low memory when compared to the high-end product Intel has to offer. Sympathizing won’t really help Intel as the market offers business to products with high technology at affordable cost.


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