instagram live video feature

As per the reports Instagram (Facebook-owned- Photo Sharing Service) is about to receive the Live Video feature update soon. Recently CEO of the company Kevin Systrom has made the official confirmation regarding this update.

This update has been tested on many places earlier. During the one of the Interviews, he discussed the company’s live video ambitions with the live video feature. He did not reveal much information regarding on this feature, so we can’t provide you the exact things what company is going to implement.

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Kevin Systrom says “Live is exciting for us, I think it can enhance what we’re doing. If I’m trying to strengthen relationships with someone I love, those streaming video to me live would be an amazing way to be closer to them.”

The things are still unclear, and we are not sure how this update is going to be made available for the users. After judging the rumors out earlier, we are expecting the features to be come right into the stories feature.

Are you aware of the Stories on Instagram? Stories are basically the clone feature of the snapchat, where you capture the picture or record the video. The same can be shared on your account with the followers. Stories remain for 24 hours from the time you upload. It stays for the one-day duration and disappears later.

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We have to wait and see whether this new live video feature is embedded into the stories. So it will be simple to host it live directly from the stories. The interesting thing to notice, how this feature will be received by the people.

After considering the things like most of the social media platforms and the video sharing platforms are already using this feature and now Instagram is going to join the race. As of now, the Stories feature on the Instagram was received well in the marketplace, even after receiving the criticism on copied from Snapchat.

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There is no surprise that Instagram will roll out this feature quite soon since the parent company is Facebook. Instagram is currently holding 500 million monthly active users, and this new feature is going to boost the usage by the users.

Existing users on the Instagram is going to love this new feature. Until the official announcement from the company, consider this information as the pinch of salt. Stay tuned for the information regarding this update


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