Misuse of online portals to exploit teens has always been a major issue. Especially, teens are the most affected victims as they are not mature enough to decide what is good for them and what is not. Keeping the online security in mind, Instagram has taken a step towards making people understand internet safety.

Instagram has picked out the loophole in educating teenagers. Parents who grew up using dial-up phones and letters to communicate are facing difficulty to understand the digital world and the way in which the social media apps like Instagram work. To help such parents, Instagram has now released a guide for the app for the parents of teenagers on its well being site.

The guide helps the parents to navigate through the app and use various features of the app easily. The guide starts with a basic introduction to the app where the instructions to share photos and videos are mentioned. The guide also includes the safety features of the app. Instagram had recently introduced a timer system for parents to track the amount of time their children are spending on the app. The guide also includes information regarding the timer system.

The guide includes a note about public and personal profiles that explains parents about the difference between the two types of profiles. Along with the technical aspects of the app, the new guide also gives an introduction to how teens are establishing their personal identity through the app.

It also explains how teens can manage the list of people who can comment on their posts. It gives a brief insight into the “comments control” option available on the app that lets teenagers limit the audience who can comment on their posts.

The guide on the wellbeing site of the Instagram website contains a set of ten questions that help parents to guide a conversation with their teenage children about the app. These questions will help the parents know if their children are having a “positive” experience on the platform.

The guide ends with a glossary of Instagram terms and features that can help parents understand various terms used in the app.


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