Around 8 years back in October 2010, Facebook launched Instagram after several months of testing. Never did they know the app would get millions of users in such less time. Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a social networking site to upload photos, videos and share real-time information from your smartphone.

A recent statistics search on Instagram showed that the number of downloads and usage has been increasing in billions per month. The app has been getting quite a good number of followers from the day of launch with such a huge success. It seems like Instagram wants to extend its usage worldwide with its new release of Instagram Lite, an app that occupies just 573 Kilobytes. This will not only save your phone’s internal memory but at the same time allows you to post photos and videos with its advanced filter options. It has many options similar to Instagram, but lacks the option of sending messages right now.

Back in 2015, Facebook launched its Facebook Lite app, which occupies just 1.6 MB of your phone’s storage. Users who cannot afford a 3G/4G network will still be able to access the app with just 2G network.

Walking along the same footsteps as that of Facebook, Instagram Lite has been released for android devices. Reportedly, millions of users are happy with this release. Currently, the app is limited only for particular countries but will be soon available on Play Store.

In today’s world where social media platform has such a huge demand in our society in terms of awareness, faster reach and promoting businesses, why should people with low-end network be left behind in such fast moving world? To meet the needs of people, apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google have been launching their own apps from years.

If your phone is running out of storage and you need to delete some of your favorite applications or images, you can install Instagram Lite.


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