instagram new feature

Instagram, as we know, is the one of the most popular social media apps. It is both mobile and desktop internet-based social media application, which was developed in 2010. And later, it was sold to Facebook for 18 billion dollars and now it is being developed and maintained by Facebook. As we all know, Facebook is the king of the social world attracting almost every business around us.

They are continuously developing and adding new features to Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have a lot of talented developers adding some really cool features to these apps. Instagram is in continuous development and they are continuously adding a new feature every month.

Last time, they added a story feature using which you can add Instagram stories in the ‘About me’ section. This means you can highlight your stories and show them directly just after ‘About me’ info, which is a really cool feature as it will help people and businesses too to showcase their product directly from their profile info. Whenever someone visits, they can directly see that the stories will be posted just after the ‘About me’ section. People really like this feature and have appreciated Instagram for this.

Instagram has added one more feature last Thursday using which you can see the ‘last checked’ of your friends in your inbox itself.

People aren’t really that happy with this new feature because Instagram was the only app, which kept you anonymous all the time and you can easily use the app without being noticed by your friends. But, now it’s not possible as you can easily see when your friends have last checked into Instagram because of the new feature.

However, at least it doesn’t tell all the people when you were last on Instagram except the people with whom you do private chatting or with the people you share images on the Instagram app. This means only people who are connected to you can see when you have last checked into Instagram and not anyone else on Instagram.