Instagram to add Translate button

Instagram is the one of the largest social community which is growing faster. Instagram is going to release the new update in the coming month regarding the Language update. The translation button is going to be available in the future update of the Instagram. This popular community is growing globally that never and ever imagined.

With this update, the users can able to understand any languages with the translations at the new feed stories and the profile bio. This is a great move by the Instagram team; this helps to understand the foreign languages from your own. After the release of this feature, soon everyone is going to know the full story of the moment, no matter what language you post.

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The comments and the Captions seen in the feeds or bio are automatically translated based on the language settings of the person who had made in their profile. If the language settings are yet done, then the user will able to see the button called “See Translation” near the text. Just with the single tap on the given button, you can view the translated context.

Instagram has posted an image regarding this in their community on 22 June 2016. You can check the for the further details regarding this news. The complete details regarding the translation are provided to the Instagram Help Center.

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They also had another word on this, If Instagram could not detect or doesn’t translate any language, and then you have to update the settings in the Language Settings in your profile. The users have to notice that translations might not show up for the older posts and comments.

Steps to enable the Language settings in the Instagram Application


Open your phone or tablet’s Settings

Tap Language and Input > Language

Choose the language you’d like to use


Tap Settings icon to open your phone or tablet’s settings

Tap General > International > Language

Choose the language you’d like to use

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Windows Phone

Press Start which is the middle button at the bottom of your phone

Swipe left

Scroll down and then tap Settings

Tap Language + Region > Phone language

Choose the language you’d like to use


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