Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias are the eminent personalities of Hollywood. These prominent celebs were in a long-term relationship for about sixteen years. They even surprisingly hid the news about pregnancy and the twins’ birth from their fans. All the fans are completely amazed when the news of their relationship unfurled everywhere.

This couple welcomed their newly born twins and the report has been confirmed. Looking at the past, these lovebirds first met on the set of ‘Escape’, the music video. After that, they started dating each other and during that time Iglesias’ age was 26 years and Anna was 20 years old. But, both had not concealed their relationship to the entire world until the birth of their twins.

Both are spending quality life on the private island at Miami Beach. From the very first, while interacting with media they had hidden their interests towards each other and showcased that they are just friends. But, the curtain surely gets unveiled to depict the reality irrespective of what the case is, and this is what happened with this couple as well.

However, this was totally unexpected that they didn’t even share the news with fans on any social media platform. Their first meeting at the studio had come into the limelight, but after that their relation was mystic. And to hide it, they resided at a place that was far away from the Hollywood i.e. Miami Beach. The couple built the home of their dreams and established their own world there. Their mansion covers an area of 20,000 square-feet. This mansion has all the amenities to live a luxurious and comfortable life.

Both of them have kept their love secret from the world as they don’t like any interference from the media and fans in their personal life.


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