On a surprising note, India’s second largest IT firm Infosys has officially announced that it is planning to hire as many as 20,000 engineers from campuses this time also like every year.

In a bid to meet the demands of the clients, the company is looking to recruit employees who have knowledge in digital and analytics. Unlike traditional services, since the past few years, the clients are showing interest in cloud and analytics. As the freshers are getting automated, the companies like Infosys are showing interest in these emerging areas to recruit the employees.

In a statement released by a spokesperson of Infosys, it is mentioned that they have decided to recruit 20,000 students through campus interviews and the number may increase in the coming days.

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This company has headquarters in Bengaluru, and it is likely to start the interviews from September which will continue for a month since then. The process may extend until February, till they find the skilled candidates and these are for the students who are studying third year and final year of engineering. As the client demand increased for digital technology, the recruiters will mostly look at the digital and analytical talent in the candidates.

It also added by the spokesperson as, “We are going to continue the same hiring number like every year in India and like we said those candidates who have differential skills and who can meet the client’s demand are more attractive and likely to be selected by us.”

Bengaluru-based RV College of Engineering, president of the trust, M K Panduranga Setty said that they haven’t seen any impact in the current scenario and waiting to witness what is going to happen in upcoming placement session. He stated that in 2016-17, 95 percent of students have already got jobs and they haven’t heard anything from the companies till now regarding the placements, and they are waiting to see what is going to happen in IT sector after the recent happenings and up and downs in the industry.

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Earlier this month, in a statement released by Infosys, it shared that they have plans to hire 10000 Americans in the US this year and they are going to launch four nee technology and innovation centers in the USA. The hubs include artificial intelligence, user experience, machine learning, emerging digital technologies, big data, and cloud.

Chief Operating Officer from Infosys Pavin Rao stated that because of technology, a new business model is evolving in the country. With the adoption of technology and mainly automation, there are only fewer areas where there is need of workforce.

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