Indigo Pre-New Year

Indigo Pre-New Year offer: Ahead of the New Year, and high competition, Indigo is offering tickets starting at Rs.1, 112 on select routes. Select flights from Jammu to Srinagar next month were available from Rs.1, 112, according to the airline’s website Indigo is also offering flights from Vishakhapatnam to Hyderabad at Rs.1, 259 .

The Coimbatore to Chennai Flight fare starting at Rs.1, 195, from Bangalore to Chennai at Rs.1,285, and from Patna to Kolkata at Rs.1,264 according to its website.

As given on its official website Indigo’s ticket from Jammu to Srinagar is priced at Rs.1, 112 inclusive of regular fare and fuel charge of Rs.825 and GST of Rs.42. To attract passengers Indigo airlines is offering discounts around the holiday season. As a part of promotional schemes another airline, AirAsia India is offering a discount of up to 40 percent off for a limited period on select flights.

Flyers have to make advanced bookings on selected flights, and the offer is available between 15th January 2018 and 25th April 2018. You can book the tickets through website, and the bookings are open until 3rd December 2017.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation data, nearly 10.45 million passengers flew in October 2017. From the past two years, major airports in India have experienced rapid growth of 20.52 percent in passenger traffic.

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