Indian Railways bans whatsapp

Railways bans Whatsapp: After a deluge of train accidents in our country, that happened to grieve for 300 lives. Indian railways banned using WhatsApp and youtube while employees were on duty. Railway officials firmly believe that “messaging app” was a significant distraction for the employees, at the time of managing train operations and therefore led to ban’s implementation.

It is recorded that, several members of staff associated with the safety department were using WhatsApp and YouTube during their working hours. This led to the cause of major distraction and compromised of passenger safety.

The standing committee on Railways, while examining safety and security said more than a half of the accidents were happened due to carelessness, poor maintenance, and prohibiting safety rules and measures.

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The circular has been issued by Delhi Division of Indian railways. According to report the entire operational staff, who are primarily responsible for the operation of trains, cannot use WhatsApp while they are on duty.

A senior railway officer also predicted to issue similar type of order in all divisions. So far, the report did not mention the restriction of phones entirely. As of now, the staff authorities were suggested to communicate with each other through walky-talkies.

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