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The Indian government could soon become a competitor in the $10 billion ride-hailing market. It will soon launch its own Taxi-booking app to provide cheaper, better and efficient cab services to people. Government is in the process of launching its own cab-hailing app to stop having monopoly in the market with only Ola and Uber apps.

India’s two largest Taxi-booking apps Uber and Ola made it clear that they will not stand for any other rival in Taxi-booking services.

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India said that the plan will allow daily travellers to choose any mode of travel right from four-wheelers to tow-wheeler taxi’s from myriad device providers. This platform is also providing more employment opportunities, he said. The idea is in the primary stage but we are working on it seriously, Minister mentioned.

“Why should two companies like Uber and Ola have a monopoly in the market? We want people even those running cab business at a small scale to have an equal opportunity to provide service to people. The mobile app will provide a platform to such people and better, efficient and cheaper cab services to people,” said Nitin Gadkari.

Apparently, the government is in dispute with Uber and Ola due to complaints of drivers, accidents and both the companies trying to something different like bike tax’s or pooling.

The main focus of the government app will on picking the passenger from point A and dropping him to point B. The fares will be decided by the government. Let’s wait and see how the App finally turns out.


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