Indian Government Partnered with Google India

The government of India said that they are collaborating with Google India to spread awareness on internet safety among the consumers.

C.R.Chaudhary, Rajyasabha Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs said the department is sensitizing the consumers about digital safety through various public campaigns. He also said this department is associated with Google India to spread awareness about the internet safety among the consumers.

National Consumer Helpline associated with 230 companies for faster redressal of consumer grievances and complaints. The department of food and consumer affairs includes digitalization of ration cards, beneficiary and another data base. Soon a mobile application is going to launch for registering complaints in the national consumer helpline, and web chat facility is also going to introduced.

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Recently they have introduced another smart consumer app. This application is launched to provide the information of product labeling. It will scan the bar codes and given you relevant information. It gives you the information about product or commodity name, name and address of the manufacturer, MRP and net content.

This Internet safety is very important for the users. It gives you knowledge of maximizing users safety and security risks to provide information and property associated with using internet and self-protection of computer crime.

Through lack of internet safety, people are facing many problems, so the government has collaborated with Google India for consumer awareness on internet safety.

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