Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals

A Tuticorin chemical plant in India has found out how to turn its carbon emissions into baking Soda and other chemicals. It is the first chemical plant in the World to run a new system for arresting carbon emissions and converting the particles into baking Soda.

The Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals Plant in the industrial port city of Tuticorin is supposing to save some 60,000 tons of Co2 emissions annually into baking Soda and other chemicals. The scientists involved in this process said the technique could be used to eventually capture and transform up to 10 percent of global emission from coal.

Of course, capturing of carbon technology is not a new thing, but what is surprising about Tuticorin installation is that it is running without subsidies from the Government. The scientists have developed a profitable, real-world system that could have commercial potential to extend to other plans and industries.

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Ramachandran Gopalan, Managing Director of the plant, said, “I am a businessman. I never thought about saving the planet. I needed a consistent stream of Co2, and this was the best way of getting it.”

The creators of the new technique, London-Based Carbon clean solutions developed the system in the UK after receiving fund from a British industrialist support scheme. The process uses an original chemical to filter Co2 molecules.

So, how Tuticorin Chemical Plant will make baking soda? The plant runs a coal-fired burner to produce steam that powers its various chemical-manufacturing processes. A fog containing Carbon clean’s chemical separates the Co2 emissions in the burner’s chimney, which are then served in a mixing chamber with salt and ammonia.

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Finally, the end product can then be used to produce baking soda or other chemicals for making many things glass, Detergents, Disinfectants, and sweeteners. Overall, the idea of separating carbon molecules from flue gas may not be new, but the Tuticorin Alkali plant team behind the preparation of baking soda said that their filtering chemical is more effective than the amine compounds that scientists have previously used, and requires less energy to run.