Indian Army

Indian Army confirms that they attacked against Pakistani posts near Naushera area in Jammu and Kashmir. Army Major Ashok Narula claimed that the firings took place on 20th and 21st of this month.

He claimed that Pakistan Army is supporting the terrorist to trespass the border. So as a part of their anti-terror strategy, they started firing heavy fire included bunker busting guns and anti-tank guided munitions and rocket-propelled grenades.

As Indian Army got information that Pakistan terrorists are planning to conduct attacks on Amarnath tourists and to create havoc in India, they started the attacks near the border areas. However, he explained that necessary verification is done before the firing. They also released the video of the shooting which included loud explosions thick smoke due to the fire.

The army gave a clear message that if Pakistan tries to push in the perpetrators into the country, firm actions will be taken. India is currently at the edge of anger over terror attacks on army camps, mutilation of two soldiers by Pakistanis and killing of a Kashmiri, army officer.

Last year itself Indian Army went across the Line of Control and conducted a surgical strike in last September targeting the terrorism in the border areas.

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