India will buy Cellebrite Iphone Hacking Tool, Becomes Central Hub for Hacking any Smartphones

As we know, iPhone is fully secured and how difficult it could be if it were hacked. The recent fight between the Apple and FBI gave us a clear idea about hacking. You could recall that earlier this year after a battle with US Government and Apple; another company came to unlock the iPhone that Apple had refused to. You know how secure the iPhone is. The remarkable thing about iPhone is both FBI and NSA were unsuccessful in hacking the smartphone.

Israel-based company Cellebrite who has paid $1 million by the FBI to hack the iPhone to access the data on it. Now, India is likely to get that technology through Cellebrite within a month. It looks that the Israel-based company “Cellebrite” got the attention of Indian Government and the Govt of India signed a deal with the company to buy their technology. As per latest updates, the Forensics Science Laboratory of India is currently in talks with the private Israel-based company to purchase the tool.

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The tool was used by the company to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone. The senior official from Forensics Science Laboratory of India (FSI) informed that they are likely to get the technology within a month and with that India will become a central hub for hacking into any iPhone or other smartphones. It is good news as now India will have access to Technology.

Do you know FSL has previously worked with Cellebrite? Yes, the agency has previously worked with Cellebrite Company in the past on a few cases, and it is going to own the tool itself. The Government officials of India stated that it is tough to hack the iPhone which is running on IOS8 or above. If you have access to this hacking tool, then it is easy to access data.

FSL got this tech, only FSL labs in Gandhinagar, Western India would have access to the technology. If any Government agencies want to use the technology, then they will have to FSL, Gandhinagar. Up to now, there was no official information on how much India is paying to obtain the tool from the company.


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