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In a recent study conducted by iLabour, India becomes the largest provider of ‘Online Labour’ in the world. The study named ‘Online Labour Index: Measuring the Online Gig Economy for Policy and Research’ which was conducted by the iLabour team at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) of Oxford University.

The project is financed by European Research Council and by Vili Lehdonvirta, Associate Professor and Senior Research person at OII. According to the study, India is followed by countries Bangladesh, US, Pakistan, Philippines and the UK in Freelance Network. Analysing the data from e-platforms connecting free lancers with employers, the report says that.

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The report says India is the home to over 24% of its workers which is followed by Bangladesh and US with 16 % and 12% respectively.The study was conducted in various departments like Software development and technology, Creative and Multimedia, Sales and Marketing support, Writing and Translation, Clerical and Data entry and Professional services.

In India, Software and Technology services were the top sector with 55% of the market share, Creative and Multimedia stood second, and Sales department was the third most sector of the country.

Building a professional relationship with any one takes a high degree of trust “One of the most important success factors for any online marketplace is trust. Clients need to be confident they’ll get the work they want, and freelancers need to know they’re going to get paid for the work they do.” Elizabeth Tse, Upwork’s SVP of operations.

After startups, freelancers have caught much attention of large corporates. With the world becoming networked, firms of any size and scale can attract the best talent across the globe. Numbers of skilled workers are increasing rapidly. There is growing need for large companies to adopt flexibility models as a core strategy to recognize high-performing talent.

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Thousands of freelancers across the world connect with their clients through the work site alone. Freelancing is the best technique to market their skills. They are not noted or questioned by anyone. Since they fix their target, the quality of work is improved.

Online freelancing platforms represent a booming sector of the freelance economy where you can find, hire, work and pay them in any part of the world


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