zakir naik

National Investigation Agency (NIA) dismisses Zakir Naik’s passport today, as he failed to respond on the notice issued to him. Lately, a notice was released on July 13th on Naik to make a personal appearance. His passport has been revoked on Tuesday by the Regional Passport Office in Mumbai acting upon Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Earlier, Zakir Nair has been charged under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for his involvement with the terror links. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, is an Islamic Preacher from India. He is the founder and the President of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). He is also the founder of the” Peace” TV channel.

He’s been under investigation for many terror and money laundering activities by the NIA.Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Gopal Baglay previously said.  “We have received a request from the agency concerned a few days ago. We have taken action on that request to revoke the passport. There is a process for such steps which need to be complied with under the provisions of the law, and we have taken action,”

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Zakir Naik has always been under the scanner of NIA which has been waging Jihad through his poisonous lectures and speeches. Naik passport was renewed on 20th January 2016 in Mumbai with the availability period of 10 years. NIA sources say that in 2012 September, Zakir got a status of Non-Resident Indian. He left India last year and not returned since then.

Naik reportedly applied for Malaysian citizenship. An intelligence report suggests that government of India is apparently planning to block Naik’s attempt to get citizenship in any country. Some terror cases are still pending against Naik. His Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), has already been said an unlawful association. Zakir, who is believed to have citizenship of Saudi Arabia but not yet confirmed,.

The controversial preacher, Zakir has been accused of spreading hatred by his provocative speeches, funding terrorists and laundering several 100 crores of rupees over the years. Naik, a medical doctor-turned preacher, during his interactions with the Indian media from his haven abroad, has repeatedly denied all charges.

The Interpol pitted against Naik after a year- long investigation during which the NIA collected proofs against his IRF and Peace TV channel being used to promote hatred between different religious groups allegedly. Besides banning his NGO, the central government blocks his channel to go off the air.