India to Pay $500k to UN Central Emergency Response Fund

Indian ambassador Anjani Kumar at the high level swearing conference in UN announced that India will pay $500k to the UN Central Emergency Response fund (CERF). Anjani Kumar is a counsellor at India’s UN mission. The high level meeting was held on Tuesday. At a press conference, he said that this contribution is for the year 2016-17 and New Delhi’s collective contribution since the fund was launched in 2006 stood at $6 million.

At a meeting Kumar said, “In spite of own resource limits, India has always been impending within its ability and national environments in offering charitable support as per the needs and requests of our friends and partners. These efforts have ranged from immediate supply of relief materials to emergency clearing of very large number of persons of various people from danger zones.”

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Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) provides early funding when public-spirited disasters break out and provide necessary relief operations that are poorly funded. At the high level pledging meeting on Tuesday, 29 countries guaranteed donations totaling $273 million to the CERF after outgoing secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon made a request for funds.

Ban ki-moon said, “The scale of philanthropic deficiency is greater than at any time since the UN was founded,” he told. A record 130 million people need charitable help to survive. Ban also asked CERF to hike its annual target of $450 million to $1 billion by 2018. CERF has provided $4.6 billion in emergency support to 98 countries since it was founded. Coming to this year, up to now it has provided emergency aid to about 50 countries.


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