After a setback offered to Manish Pandey in the ODIs, the selection board members were caught by surprise after his splendid innings of 79 off 48 deliveries. This young batsman tried his very best to lead India to a series win ahead of the last T20I international. Though India lost the 2nd T20, Pandey’s innings turned out to be a treat for the fans.

After the top order of Indian batting collapsed, it was Dhoni and Pandey’s half-centuries, which led India to a respectable score of 188/4. It was much expected of Kohli and Sharma to take the score one-handedly. However, these two top order batsmen shattered the fans’ dreams.

While apart from the top-order failure, Yuzvendra Chahal was an easy pick for the South Africans. Chahal offered an insane 64 runs out of his four overs, which led South Africa to win the 2nd T20 international.

However, Kohli applauded the efforts of the Proteas team and the way they led their team to the first victory in T20s leveling up the series by 1-1. Earlier, Indian fans were disheartened by the performance of the Indian bowlers. It was Bhuvi who managed to put a break on the rising scoreboard.

Cricket fans know very well that it’s a team game. At the end of the day, it is very rare to win games based on few players’ performance. The weather too paved out a way for the South African win.

Klaasen scored a blistering 69 off 30 balls aided by the South African skipper with 4 fours and 3 sixes adding 64 off 40 balls. South Africans won the 2nd T20 in the 2nd last over of the match.


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