Immotor GO Electric Scooter

The automobile industry these days is going through latest innovations and advancements phase. As a part of it, the new electric scooter launch from Immotor is a simple vehicle to travel.

Immotor GO is launched in this week through Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. It is specifically designed to provide an easily transportation. It is termed to be one of the intelligent electric scooter.

Developers of the electric scooter have stated that this vehicle is the future of personal transport system.In this regard, even a video has been aired in the social media website to make people aware about the latest innovation.

Honda City Adventure off-road scooter concept shown at EICMA

The new electric scooter which is available via Indiegogo has tagged the vehicle with a price starting from $399.The super early bird backers has termed this as a new personal transport experience. This is something different from any other normal scooter or e-bike ride that is available at present.

Currently, the personal transport vehicles are expensive, clunky, hard to transport, and hard to learn.There exists many quality issues even in well-designed vehicles. But the developers of this electric scooter confidently re-evaluate the definition of the word ‘scooter.’

Immotor GO electric scooter is designed with style, intelligence and revolutionary power technology. This scooter is definitely an eye catching and head turner.The aerodynamic shape and the foldability of the vehicle is a unique feature of this scooter. It can be easily carried by an individual if not used for a ride.

Audi Q3 Intelligent Mobility Concept long board scooter in its bumper

Coming to the specifications of the Immotor GO electric scooter, it comes with LED headlights, GPS tracking, cruise control, digital accelerator and brake controls. The vehicle runs on swappable super batteries.

This scooter can be used in 3 different states – Ride, Power Assist or Fold. If not used for a ride, the scooter can be collapsed into a case which resembles a small carrying suitcase. This enables to carry it on the train, bus, car or even the plane. It even does not require parking place. So, no parking issues, and above all no theft problems when parked.


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