ICICI Instant Credit Card

India’s largest private lender, ICICI Bank launches introduce instant Credit cards for all the saving account customers in a completely digital and paperless manner. The typical process for availing Credit card is quite a long process where we have to apply, later credit history is analyzed, and the confirmation is received. After few days the actual physical card is delivered with following instructions about the limit and other terms and conditions.

To cut back the following steps, ICICI banks launch the instant Credit card facility which is not for every customer. This offer is only available for pre-selected customers who can directly apply for the card online, generate card details and start shopping instantly. The bank has opened the card with the limit up to Rs 4 Lakh based on pre-checked bureau scores.

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The customers have to select from the collection of Credit cards and generate credit card immediately and use it instantly. The physical card can get within few working days. The application procedure is done with an additional level of authenticity to offer security. This facility to apply for Credit card in a flash is available through ICICI internet banking.

Anup Bagchi, Executive Director of ICICI Bank,” During these festival times, the consumer is ready to spend money, and the offer seems pretty timely for such consumers. They can not only generate the new credit card quickly but also start spending.”

The Steps to avail instant Credit card, the user has to first log on to internet banking first. If the customer is eligible, then generate instant credit card option appears. Then the details regarding the identification of the client are to be mentioned. They can choose from a collection of cards. After approving to certain terms and conditions, an OTP is received on the registered number. The customers need to generate it and use it immediately.

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