Real Estate, Logisitics and Retail Sectors

Coming years are the fruitful to the unemployed in India. Millions of jobs are coming to India in various sectors. The maximum job opportunities are in construction and real estate, beauty and wellness, organised retail, transport and logistics in near future. The Assocham-Thought Arbitrage Research Institute Paper stated that the country’s IT and IT-enabled services sector may bring one million jobs in next five years.

The Report said, “The IT and ITeS, which is under pressure at present, in any case, was to expand at lesser pace in job creation. On the employment base of 3.3 million in 2013, the much-touted sector had an incremental human resource requirement of 2.2 million by 2022, of which about one million have been added in the last 3-4 years.”

The report also observed that, Information technology and ITeS are going to face the challenges of technology upgradation, visa restrictions in the US, automation and increasing skill gaps.

Assocham Secretary General D S Rawat said, “Thus, as a country which requires at least 15-20 million jobs a year, we need to look quite broader and at those areas which expand not only in the export market but also within the country.” Surveying the job potential, on the employment base of 45.4 million in 2013 the paper found, the building, construction and real estate including infrastructure would requires 31.1 million human resources.

Rawat said, “The sector has been the worst-hit because of multiple factors including high level debts and non-performing assets, delays in delivery of housing projects, and environmental and regulatory hurdles. We need to get these issues out of the way in a manner that it becomes a robust engine of job creation and economic growth.”

In next five year, there is an increment in job opportunities up to 10-12 million new jobs. According to the paper, Textile and clothing also be a potential area of job creation. If you want to get jobs in next five years, you have to upgrade your skills on those areas.

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