HTC Global targets $1 Billion Business

HTC Global Services, a IT/BPO services provider based out of USA by a NRI over two decades ago, has clap eyes on billion dollar business by the year 2020. In 2014, the company acquired CareTech Solutions and is now providing IT services and solutions primarily to the Healthcare providers in USA. In May 2017, it acquires Ciber, a global information technology consulting, services and outsourcing company.

Madhava Reddy, founder and CEO, HTC Global Services said, “Our vision to grow into a billion-dollar company by the year 2020 and the new acquisition fits into our growth strategy as it brings in a new client base of over 100 companies and adds over 3,500 employees”.

At present, HTC Global Services has the staff of 11,000 globally, including those added to its rolls from Ciber Inc. The company also acquire CareTech Solutions to strengthen its position in healthcare sector. The company is now focusing on organic growth instead of acquiring another company.

The company operations in India are spread across Chennai and Hyderabad and it has 6,000 employees in India, including 500 in Hyderabad. Reddy said, the HTC Global would recruit 5,000 new employees by 2020.

HTC Global Services has already set up infrastructure, including Rs 100 crore development centre in Chennai, which accommodate upto 4,500 employees, as part of its expansion plans.

“As of now, we have not laid off any employees. And we don’t see any adverse impact on the IT sector because of Trump’s presidency. As in the past, the US needs skilled workforce,” he said.

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