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Housing.com started to re-introduce Rental offerings from Monday. The website previously stated that they would only focus more on the home-buying part more than the rentals in 2015.

But recently it launched over 60000 rental offerings on the website. The team is planning and putting all its efforts to introduce 20000 more in the coming three months. Housing.com officials in the latest interview stated that they want to address the issues of finding homes in the metro cities. So they implemented this idea.

Chief Business Officer, Mani Rangarajan from the Platform Business Unit said that finding a home plays a significant role to start a new life for the students or individuals planning to live independently. So to help those people they implemented this idea.

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This strategic decision depends on the business perspective. They are confident that this relaunch will meet their objective of becoming one of the few preferred real estate business.

Few of the features introduced in this are also gaining all the details of the owners and the tracking of them also the user contacts, feedbacks, availability of homes, etc. Users can easily track the messages to the agents/brokers directly from the website itself. The site is thinking to launch even more new and unique ideas like the rental offerings.

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Ravi Bhushan, Chief Product and Technology Officer of PropTiger.com, Housing.com, and Makaan.com stated that rental offerings in the Housing.com are one of the most leading solutions. He said that the team is working hard to introduce more and more new products for the development of the website and make the site much simpler to use.

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