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Holy week has started from April 9th, 2017. It is the week before the Easter week, and in this holy week only we will observe good Friday.

In the Christianity, it is the just week before Easter, and in western countries, it is the last week of Lent. The days observed in this week are Palm Sunday, Holy Monday to Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Palm Sunday

This holy week begins with Palm Sunday which may also be known as Passion Sunday. On this people believe that Jesus and his followers entered into the Jerusalem.

Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday

In these days Jesus predicts his own death, and there is also a story about Wednesday that Judas arranging his betrayal of Jesus with the high priests

Maundy Thursday

This Maundy Thursday is considered as the last supper. During the meal, Jesus predict the events that should follow including his betrayal, death and resurrection

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Good Friday

Good Friday commemorated the crucifixion of Jesus and his subsequent death. It is the sorrowful day in the history.

Holy Saturday

It is the day between crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection. On this day people waited at Christ tomb for his return. People meditated, cried near the tomb without eating food on this day

The next day Jesus came back to the earth, on that day people celebrated as Easter. From that day onwards holy week ends and Easter week begins

This holy week 2017 started from April 9th and ends on April 15th 2017. People will spend this holy week in the presence of Jesus. They will continue their prayers until Easter. Holy week significance is, this week remembers us the greatness of Jesus, and it will remind our duties to do.Holy week schedule 2017 starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

Here check out the Holy week dates

                          Date                           Day


Palm Sunday
                       10.04.2017 Holy Monday
                       11.04.2017 Holy Tuesday
                       12.04.2017 Holy Wednesday
                       13.04.2017 Holy Thursday
                       14.04.2017 Holy Friday
                       15.04.2017 Holy Saturday


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