Highly Paying Internships in the World

The internship is a payless work experience of a student or a trainee. Candidates who excel in the courses will undoubtedly get recruited by big companies with decent salaries. As the academic year of the students is coming to an end, the internship season is soon to come. Just like competitive exams, students also compete to get the internship offers in large numbers. But there are some companies which not only recruit the trainees but also pay them in significant amounts. So many surveys have proved that the paid internships will be more in finance and IT companies. Interestingly, the biggest social media and social networking site Facebook tops the list of highest-paid internships.

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The pay Facebook gives to its interns is double the pay of a regular American worker. Isn’t it surprising? Glassdoor, a jobs portal recently stated that Mark Zucker Berg pays his interns $8000 per month which regarding Indian currency is Rs. 5 lakhs. An American standard worker earns only $51350 per annum whereas Facebook intern earns $96000. Here is the list of top paying companies for its interns. Have a look.

Facebook – $8000 (Rs. 5,13,814)

Microsoft – $7100 (Rs.4,55,963)

ExxonMobil – $6507 (Rs.4,17,902)

Sales Force – $6450 (Rs.4,14,213)

Amazon – $6400 (Rs.4,11,009)

Apple – $6400 (Rs.4,11,009)

BloomBerg L.P. – $6400 (Rs.4,11,009)

Yelp – $6080 (Rs.3,90,452)

Other than them, Google, NVIDIA, Bank of America, AIG, Deutsche bank, Accenture, Capital one, Adobe also pay high for internship employees.


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