High Salt Intake May Lead to Risk in Causing Heart Failure

Scientists prove that salty diet costs live. Yes, it’s sure eating low salt cuts risk of fatal heart attack by quarter. As we know, salts put up our blood pressure and cause hypertension which results in strokes, heart failure, and heart attacks.

A scientist recently warned after a span of 12 years study, that eating high salt in our diet may increase the risk of heart failures.

In European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona, researchers gave a presentation and showed clearly through statistics and figures.

Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare, Professor Pekka Jousilahti had unveiled that “The heart does not like salt. High salt (sodium chloride) intake is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure and an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke.”

Pekka added “In addition to CHD and stroke, heart failure is one of the major cardiovascular diseases in Europe and globally but the role of high salt intake in its development is unknown.”

In the study conducted on more than 4000 people assess the relationship between salt consumption and the development of heart failure. The scientists make use of 24hour sodium extraction since it considers being the gold standard for salt intake assessment at the individual level.

The study was followed up by 12 years through computerized register linkage to National Health records. WHO (World Health Organization) stated that as many as 2.5 million deaths could be averted in a year if people halt taking salt consumption to an extreme high, to its recommended level of 5grams.

However, few people take about 80 to 140 percent salt which exceeds the exact intake. So Professor Jousilahti revealed that their study proved that eating more than 13.7g sodium chloride per day doubled the rate of heart failures in few participants.

He said, “High salt intake markedly increases the risk of heart failure. “This salt-related increase in heart failure risk was independent of blood pressure. People who consumed more than 13.7g of salt daily had two times higher risk of heart failure compared to those consuming less than 6.8g.”

Thereby he concluded that studies in massive pooled population unit are needed to bring out detail estimation of the increased heart failures or attacks due to high consumption of salt.


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