The “Ok Google” voice command was one of the few commands, which was understood by the Google Search App for all the Android phones for quite some time. This same command was enabled in case of Google Assistant also. But now, when Google Home was introduced in the market, the users discovered that Google Assistant could understand “Hey Google” along with the old phrase.

This additional voice command was made active in the month of October and since then a large number of phones have been tested to check whether this voice command is working or not. Initially, it worked only for a small number of people, but gradually, Google resolved these issues and a large number of people began to enable Google Assistant with the “Hey Google” command. Thus, this phrase became a new hot word, which began rolling out at a fast pace. Most of the Android devices were sent notifications to re-setup their voice model so that the new voice command could work for them.

To enable this new voice command, the users have to follow a few simple steps, which are described below:

  1. The first step is to open the Settings tab on the device in which you want to re-setup this model.
  2. The second step is to navigate to the Google tab under Settings.
  3. Click on Google tab and you will find many options. Select the Search tab.
  4. After you select the Search tab, go the Voice option listed there.
  5. Click on the Voice option. After this, you will see two choices listed there. The first is “Ok Google”, which is the old phrase and the second is “Hey Google”, which is the latest phrase. Based on whichever you are comfortable with, you can choose one of these options.

Both these above mentioned phrases are used to invoke Google Search or Google Assistant. The new “Hey Google” hot word also works when the screen is off in certain devices just like the old one.


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