When Jordan Peele got four major award nominations, which was the biggest achievement of his career, he got on the phone with Daniel Kaluuya who is the star of ‘Get Out’ and got into tears. The award nominations included best director, best picture and best original screenplay.

The comedian-turned director, Peele said it was very emotional. He made his directorial debut with race- themed social thriller, which made $4.5 million. It is about Kaluuya, a young African-American man who finds trapped himself in a nightmare when he goes to meet the family of his white girlfriend.

On Tuesday morning, Peele said that whenever he talked about this he broke down.

Peele is the fifth black filmmaker to be nominated for direction in 90 years. He has got three nominations at once – for the best picture, director and screenplay. He is a first-time film maker to hit all at once.

Jordan said that if we looked back in the history, some of the greatest of all times were genre films that really had something to say about where we are in the world. He also added that ‘Get Out’ was a reflection of a really dark time of his country.

The film has gained over $245 million in box office worldwide, which has given voice to viewers to escape their own sunken places.

Jordan Peele quoted that the sunken place to him was silencing of voices, silencing of expression, cries for help, and cries for justice. He continued to say that this is an instance in which he felt like his cry for justice had been heard, magnified, and was being acknowledged by his peers and the world. Right now, he feels like he is in the opposite of the sunken place.


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