Ministry of Health is going to launch an app very soon to give information of the nutritional value in Indian food. Through this app you can calculate the nutritional composition in every item

The Director of the National Institute of Nutrition said the app is being developed by using values of Indian food composition tables 2017 which is released recently by Union Health Minister J P Nadda.

To known the information, you must have to enter the item name and quantity then this app will calculate all nutritional values in the item and gives you list.

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Longvah said “if the person is eating an idli, then he have to enter the name as idli and quantity like how many idlis he is eating. Then the app will give you complete description. Through this IFCT 2017 report, it provides nutritional information about 151 food components and 528 key foods”.

This app will give complete information about all vitamins, minerals, etc. It will also calculate the value of vitamin D2. This is the first app in the world which is giving information about vitamin D2.

The calculation of nutritional value in Indian food report is used for children who are attending for mid-day meals, as they are kids they need good food to grow stronger. Through this app we can check they are getting all diet values or not.

Within 3 months we can get this app. So people can use this app to know about the nutritional value of our Indian foods

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Indian food is the best and healthy food throughout the world. Each and every item in desi food has the nutritional value which helps to build our body. So taking best food in sufficient quantity will make you healthier and happier.


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