Harman and Samsung

Samsung SmartThings has pitched on to the US auto-component giant Harman to speed up the growth of the former’s IoT products and services. It will help Samsung SmartThings establish a vibrant ecosystem. The companies announced recently.

Harman Connected Services will further help in nurturing the available ecosystem. Samsung will now get their third-party sensors integrated into the SmartThings ecosystem along with the help in the launch of their SmartThings app.

Harman seems to enhance the capabilities of Samsung SmartThings by developing features for cloud storage of SmartThings.

The South Korean conglomerate made its reach in more than 1 million homes further adding up to 10 million devices linked with its cloud on SmartThings platform. The company is planning to increase the adoption and solution development around the global industries. Both companies also decided to work for developing hub core features along with embedded components.

Meanwhile, the South Korean firm invested $8 billion in Harman to meet their set objectives previous year. Samsung recently unveiled its 4K (4096×2160) LED screen embedded with Harman audio. The launch took place at one of the theatres in South Korea.

Both firms have successfully joined hands to increase their footprint in the SmartThings and Electronics industries. It is expected to get various enterprise solutions by exchanging their products and services.

The South Korean tech giant is also seeking new audio vendors to ramp up the market. With such strategies, it will help Harman and SmartThings grow at home.

With Samsung offering new features to its customers in various fields, users are expected to get their first 2018 model TVs that will help them control the connected devices on SmartThings application.

The East Asian giant is likely to leverage the audio prowess of Harman to launch an AI sound box. This will further enhance its reach in the IoT ecosystem.


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