Easter 2017

In 2017 we are celebrating Easter on April 16th, 2017. We all know that Easter is one of the holy days in the history because on that day Jesus resurrection happened. On that occasion, people will celebrate Easter.

People believe that Jesus came from the tomb on this day and proved that God never cheats the people who have faith in them. So, people will celebrate this Easter Sunday on a grand scale.

Easter Significance

Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies are one of the parts of Traditions and Customs of Easter. This Easter egg symbolizes the empty tomb. This tradition of Easter eggs came from Christian community Mesopotamia who stained eggs in red colour in memory Jesus blood shredded at the crucifixion.

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Easter bunny is one of the characters depicted as the rabbit bringing Easter eggs. There is also a story for Easter bunny. A Germanic Goddess named Eostre have a large and handsome bird, but it feels cold at the summer time, so the goddess transformed the bird into a rabbit which has fur and makes the bird stay warm. But after becoming rabbit also the bird is laying the eggs, so they will treat the rabbit which is laying eggs as the holy creature.

Easter Sunday

Some of the countries also celebrate Easter Monday which is the official holiday in some places. This day is the second day of the bright week. But Easter and Good Friday does not fall on the same date every year, it changes every year on basing on the Jewish calendar, but when we are calculating in the Gregorian calendar the date may vary every year.


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