Hacker selling 32 Million leaked Twitter accounts

Recently hackers targeted the Facebook CEO Mark’s social accounts, and now 32 Million Twitter accounts got breached and were sold out on the dark web.

One of the Russian Hacker mentioned that millions of Twitter accounts logins are for sale for $5,807 or 10 bitcoins. The Leaked Source (The website for knowing the hacked information) points the hacked credentials from the data breaches noted in the blog that which they had received a copy for more than 32 million Twitter accounts.


Leaked Source mentioned that they had given the information and copy of data provided by the user who goes by the alias “Tessa88@exploit.im”. The same alias had used by the same person who had given the search engine hacked data from Russian Social Network.

With this hack, the 32,888,300 Twitter accounts were put in the risk with the usernames and passwords along with the email addresses. All these credentials were collected by injecting the malware through the browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Most of the affected emails are from Russia since top 10 email domains from the database are acquired by the Leaked Source are included with the mail.ru and Yandex.ru.

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To have a glance at the breached data, the most predictive passwords are ‘123456’ are showed up in the database more than 120,417 times and another one ‘password’ is used in 17,471 times by the Twitter accounts.

The Support from the twitter is suggesting the user to maintain the strong passwords since the passwords are stolen in the recent times are increased. On using the strong and unique passwords, helps in securing the user accounts. If you have any concerns regarding updating the passwords you can visit the Twitter help centre for the support.

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Twitter has reacted to these issues and tweeted regarding safeguarding your accounts with the strong passwords.

The Trust and the information security officer from the Twitter has responded with the tweet that from the investigation reports the data have not breached.

Check out the update from the Leaked Source via Twitter.

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