Guy Fawkes Day

Preparing for Bonfire night?  Do you know why we celebrate this occasion? Have you ever heard about Guy Fawkes Day? Here we will give you answers to all your questions. Have a look

We celebrated this day on the name of Guy Fawkes. It is also known as Guido Fawkes. This day is observed on November 5th at the United Kingdom. To say exactly it is not the happiest occasion, but we celebrate this day to remember the history.

While going to Story In 1570 Guy Fawkes born at yok, England. After he was grown up, he started to fight for Catholics. In that process, he met one friend who is completely against to England King. Fawks came to know many people are suffering from behavior of the king, so he formed the group of friends and planned to get rid of the king. They made a plan blow up the king with the help of gunpowder, so they dug a tunnel and filled the tunnel with gun powder.

Guy Fawkes Night

On November 5th they planned to blast the Parliament with gunpowder. In that group, one of the friends had wrote a letter to his friend to stay away from parliament on Nov 5th. Unexpectedly King has read the letter and made a plan to catch the Guy Fawkes and his friends.

But unfortunately Guy only had caught by the soldiers and remaining has escaped. The king punished the Fawkes brutally for two days and sentenced him to the death. King has arranged bonfire and arranged dummy Guy Fawkes and burnt it in the fire. This bonfire was arranged to warn the people not to do this type of things.

Bonfire nights

So, that day onwards people have a habit of celebrating bonfire. On Bonfire nights, a display is the highlight of the day. Enjoy the sparkles of the Guy Fawkes Night. 


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