The Government of Haryana today announced a special program to track illegal posts on social media content. The Haryana Govt launched its Digital Investigation, Training and Analysis Centre (DITAC) to pay attention exclusively to social media content and track the source of illegal and provocative posts in social media platforms.

Why the Government of Haryana Launched new scheme for monitoring illegal social media content?

The initiative has been taken by the Haryana Government to boost cyber controlling and reduce criminal activities across the state. The center was inaugurated by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar which is fitted with state-of-art cyber forensic laboratory. The DITAC will also have advanced training facilities to train police officers in handling cyber crimes.

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The DITAC has been installed with the help of National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), and State’s CB-CID will maintain the department. Now, Haryana is the first state with which NTRO has signed a MoU for launching DITAC. It took nearly four months for the Government to establish the center.

Initially the DITAC will work on social media analysis, data purchase from storage devices, their analysis, and reporting and cyber forensics. “In most cases, we used to be handicapped while investigating cyber frauds. Now, the center has computerized software to help us track and bang devices used by cyber criminals. For example, there are few Chinese mobiles which have standard IMEI codes. Now, the newly launched center is furnished to track and collect data from such devices,” said, Anil Kumar, IG, CID.

The center has been set up at the third floor of the traffic tower in Gurugram’s Sushant Lok. The whole project costs a whopping Rs 22 crores and the money will come from the central Government. The system has three touchscreens of 100 inches each and a fleet of 22 officials watching round the clock on social media and also observes what’s going on all over the state.

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However, if any conflict is there, the center will track down the origin of any inspiring message and observe its impact on the law and order situation. Officials won’t arrest the candidates in such cases, and their duties include only keeping, monitoring and reporting the matter to the authorities.


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