Bike Taxis

The Government of India is planning is going to launch Bike Taxis on a bigger scale and also in the way to introduce an app that will also include the new and cost-effective way of commuting.

The Union minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari is very confident that Bike taxis will provide the solution not only for severe in traffic in metropolises but can be very economical to people in rural areas.

In rural areas, poor people face problems commuting; he said and added, “The idea is that the nearest bike can be booked through an aggregator. There will be competition for offering good services.” The Minister also said, if one has to travel short distances alone, he can easily book Bike Taxi through app base which is being launched by the government shortly.

Apparently, Bike Taxis are already launched in few places in the country mostly by private companies like Baxi, Jugnoo. He also added, the government will focus on training drivers as capable driving skills can give employment to about 50 lakh people.

In India, there is already a shortage of 22 lakh drivers at present. The government is planning to open 100 driver training institutes all over the country. “We are not going to support any technology that will make people Jobless,” Gadkari said.

The Government will only act as the organizer in this, but the platform will bring in more competition and help daily travellers to have cheap public transportation. As per ‘Make in India ‘drive, Gadkari urges all major automobile companies to manufacture electric vehicles and promote them. The Minister won’t be allowing import of these electric cars.

Won’t Allow Driverless Cars in India that take away Jobs, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari

Likewise, the government is also planning to introduce GPS and satellite tracking mandatory in all public and private vehicles. The aim is to transform public transportation in the country and replace 1.8 lakh buses across the states with luxury buses.

“Talks are on with World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) to help India to replicate the London Transport Authority Model where all the public transportation buses would be replaced by luxury buses, and a common man can travel in them by paying about 40 per cent less price as compared to current fares,” said Gadkari.


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