kcr about Single Women Age Limit

The government declared that an unmarried woman would be supported financially only if her age is above 30 and unmarried. If the husband leaves her or staying with another woman, then the couple should at least live separate for one year then only the woman will be considered as alone. The state government has already declared that the woman with no support and alone will be provided with Rs.1000 under Single Woman Pension Scheme.

The scheme is implemented from April 1st onwards. Poverty Removal Committee also joined this and is taking the registrations from all the villages, towns and cities as well. However, the scheme will be implemented from June 2nd onwards on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day.

Companies can get PAN and TAN Within 24 Hours: e-PAN card can be used as Proof

The Tahsildar should check if the woman is staying away from her husband from the past one year. In villages, the Panchayat officials, and in cities bill collectors will check the applicants. Family survey and conduct survey will also be taken before acceptance. If the woman gets re-married or dies, then the information should be given to branch postmaster and Panchayat officials.

In cities, the responsibility is assigned to municipal commissioners. As soon the information reaches the authority pension will be ceased. The government appointed the software creation and maintenance works to the officials already.

Link your PAN card with Aadhaar card in Easy Steps

The single woman must submit her Aadhaar number as proof. With the personal details, the woman should provide her Aadhaar, bank statement and yearly income certificate. Based on Aadhaar the details will be used for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. If the woman does not have the Aadhaar card, then the local officials should help her get one. The Aadhaar payment will be made after checking the fingerprints or the Iris scan.

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